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Wondering what counts as trash?

Pretty much anything you can throw out is considered trash, but there are some things we can take and some things we can’t. Most items we take are considered either garbage or recyclable. If you want a more extensive idea of what can be taken for recycling, please see the recycling page.

What is considered garbage?

Household trash that you normally throw in the garbage, garage or basement clean-out items, miscellaneous junk, carpet and padding, all construction and demolition items, or treated lumber and timbers are all considered trash.

What can’t be taken?

Tires, batteries, barrels or tanks, chemicals or liquids, fluorescent or H.I.D bulbs, ballasts or PCBs, compost, grass, hay, leaves, straw, asbestos, oil, paint, filters, medical or infectious waste, and hazardous wastes are all not considered trash. We may be able to still help you with some of these items, but please call before placing them in your bin.

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What to do with non-trash items

For items like appliances and furniture, schedule an additional pick up. Some items cannot be taken due to safety or processing issues. Please call us directly and we can help you find the proper way or location to get rid of non-acceptable items.

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