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Don’t do all the heavy lifting yourself

Get help when you’re tearing down a building, doing a massive cleanup, or even on construction sites with hefty sanitations needs. We help with the simplest to the most complex of projects, offering help with a variety of equipment and services. We help you clear the area.

Common building items accepted

Tearing down a house or remodeling? Dispose of concrete, blocks, shingles, cardboard, poly/paper wrap, carpet/padding (small percentage), siding, building glass or windows, sheetrock or drywall, or lumber and untreated plywood. We can even help with insulation as long as it’s asbestos-free.

More accepted items

Get help with asphalt or flat roofing, brick or other masonry, building wires, tin, iron, scrap metal, vinyl or linoleum, pallets, PVC or metal pipe, empty paint cans, caulking tubes, doors, plaster, and sinks or tubs. Please do not include fluorescent lighting, ballasts or PCBs, compost, oil or paint filets, or medical waste.

Learn more about all our commercial resources by talking with one of our knowledgeable representatives today.

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A note about concrete, brick, and asphalt

If you plan on disposing of concrete, brick, blocks, or asphalt, please let us know in advance. We prefer to separate these materials whenever possible. Due to the nature of these items and our facilities, if you plan on having them in your containers, please separate or ask us what you should do with them.

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